Monday, January 19, 2009


I was cruising the treasury's tonight before I went to bed and found that I was included in 2 of them. I love looking at these...I can't make them for the life of me (I can't figure out the whole screenshot thingy I always end up cutting a row off), but I sure like looking at them!

My "Linear" necklace is in the center of the bottom row.

My "Midnight" bracelet is in the center of the bottom row on this one too.
Thank you to the lovely Etsians for including my pieces!


Beadin By The Sea said...

How exciting to be in 2 treasuries at once. Shi, try hitting the full screen button (f11) before you take the screenshot, then you'll get almost the whole thing. I can't seem to get in many treasuries. I need to figure out the secret of capturing the right amount of zoom and angle to make it my photo interesting. Your photos are beautiful and very treasury worthy!

SHI said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments on my photos! They sure are tricky aren't they...I'm forever trying to find the perfect angle and such. Oh and thank you for the tip, I can't wait to try it! You're the best Debora...I'm always so thankful for your kind words and help that you offer!!

~Hugs to you :)