Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Charm II

This one's a quickie because it's way past my bedtime...I'm looking at my clock it's 1:11...triple digits have been a constant occurrence in my life especially this past year.

111-the energetic gateway is opening for you, be quick to manifest your thoughts into reality and choose wisely when doing so. Don't put any energy into fears as you don't want to manifest those. Keep on this track, don't stop....think positive!

Anyways, here's another rendition of the Love Charm:

I won't be posting anything tomorrow (I guess tomorrow would be today..I seriously need some sleep) Okay so I won't be posting anything else because the 28th is my 38th birthday! My best friend is taking me for a day of pampering and then the evening will be spent enjoying a birthday feast with friends and family!

~Wishing that everyone has a wonderful day!

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Beadin By The Sea said...

The pink chalcedony in this necklace is exquisite and looks so at home with the other charms! Gorgeous photo too as usual. Have a great birthday Shi!