Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Items

I've added a few new items to my Etsy store, another pair of Abi Anklets, this time with little fish cute, another set of Meditation/Prayer beads and an Angelic Realm Pendulum.

I've been debating on opening a second Etsy shop to destash my ever growing collection of stones and pearls. I also wanted to sell another product in there, but have found that if I do I may lose any rights or be denied for a patent. Actually I've just recently left a message for a patent attorney to find out if it's something that can be patented. Without revealing too much information, my product is made using 2 patented items, but the use and combination of the 2 is unique. Because it's made with patented items I don't know if I can actually patent it or not. I don't think it falls under something that I can copyright, but then again I'm unsure. I'll wait to see what he says then go from there. I have to say that I'm amazed at the cost to patent an item (attorney fees and patent/filing fees). It's sad to think that if a self employed artist or small mom and pops business can't afford to pay the cost to patent and decides to sell their idea anyways, that a larger company can steal that idea...patent it for themselves and make thousands or maybe millions of of a creation that wasn't theirs to begin with. I'm hoping for a really positive response from the attorney...or at least a direction to point me in, so that the above scenerio doesn't happen to me, not that my idea/item would make millions....but I can definately dream!

On a side note I've agreed to have my pendulum's reviewed by New Witch magazine. I'm excited to have that extra advertising nudge. It's a quarterly magazine...we'll see if my review makes the next edition. It'll be a few more months before the next edition comes out though, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I love my weekends!

Tomorrow is my last day, so sad. I have enjoyed my weekend, I drank some of my Kiona Late Harvest White Riesling with some wonderful friends. I made new jewelry and I did some much needed revamping of pictures for some of my Etsy listings. Life is good right now...and I'm going to bask in it.

I have some of the most fabulous friends a girl could ever ask for. Some of my friends live near me, some I've met online and have had the pleasure to meet "in real life", and others are online friends that I may never meet. Nevertheless, each one of them has made their mark on my heart, and I'm thankful for each and every one of them.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little whimsical...

is just what I needed to make. I wanted to make something fun, something that was feminine. I've had these large Amazonite stones and hadn't really known what to make with them, they're large so earrings were out, so this is what I came up with. The Amazonite is paired with two rectangular Smithsonite stones and two Peruvian Opals. Each stone was chosen to compliment the Amazonite's natural inclusions and colors. I made each link using Sterling Silver wire that I've hammered for a brushed finish.

I have two more large Amazonite stones, one I think I'll keep for myself and the other is a little different than the one featured in the bracelet here. It' has these rich caramels and reds in it, that matches some Mookaite stones that I have. I'll have to play with it tomorrow and see what I can create.

It's the weekend....finally!!

Wow I thought this week would never end....sheesh. Have you ever had weeks like that?? I seem to have them often :D I can't wait until the weekends because that's when I can really just relax and create as I wish, instead of the normal weekday rush after the day job.

It looks like I may be vending this year at FaerieWorlds in Eugene, so I need to really figure out what I want to sell. I know that last year there was a definite lack of Goddess jewelry. Everywhere I went there was a ton of Fairy gems (of course...and which I bought), but I don't remember seeing anything with a Goddess. So that may be what I'll focus on, and I'll take some of my meditation beads as well.

I've listed two new pairs of earrings today. The pair pictured above is Sterling Silver oval hoops that have been hammered for strength and a brushed finish. They're accented by Karen Hill Tribe Silver spiral charms. The pair on the right has black Tourmaline gemstones dropping from hand forged sterling silver loops and earwires.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abi Anklets

I've just listed them! The bells arrived today, so I was able to list them before my meeting tonight. My niece Abi has been wearing hers since she was a just a few months old. They are so cute, and are absolutely adorable on her little ankles, especially when she has booties on. I've been thinking that I need to buy some plain bells for baby boys. That's next on my list. I'm just excited to bring a new product to my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's about time....

to post again. I wanted to let my friends new venture on Cafe Press to be the headline for awhile. I've listed a few new items in my Etsy shop, earrings and meditation/prayer beads. The pictures of my newest items are scattered through out this post. Feel free to click on the pictures, it'll take you to the listing on Etsy.

A new item that I'll be listing is affectionately called Abi's Safety Anklets, named after my niece Abi. They are made of sterling silver with fine silver bells. I've made them adjustable so you can widen them as your baby grows. They're a bangle style instead of a link chain. I made a pair for a baby shower this last weekend and they went over really well. I'll probably start listing them later this week. I'll post pictures when I do.

I received an email for the ad in the catalog that will be coming out this spring, made some changes, then made the final approval. I think the only thing I'm not really happy with is my logo, didn't even realize that it was kinda funkified until it was too late, ohh well, I'm still satisfied with its entirety. I can't believe that I've been on Etsy for 5 months now, amazing how time flies when you're having fun!! I've joined a street team, and they are a group of wonderful people. A few of us are actually meeting up at FaerieWorlds in Eugene this year! I'm so thankful I decided not to sell on Ebay anymore, the fees have recently sky rocketed. I can't imagine trying to make a living selling there now. Especially after experiencing the family atmosphere that Etsy offers.

Baseball season is quickly approaching, and I've been busy with my boys trying to get all the equipment they want ordered. Just a note to parents who want to get their kids into's EXPENSIVE!! For bats alone you're looking at $250-$300 per bat and I have to buy 2. One of my kids is a catcher so there's another $300 on a new hockey mask helmet and gear. Then you have the cleats, mits, batting gloves, undergarments, and of course their uniforms, then lets not forget the fees to play. With all of the leagues and tournaments it easily reaches $2000 a season. Aye!! BUT...they love it, and I mean really love it, and I love watching them. I don't like all the drama that goes along with small town sports, but just seeing their faces when they've made that catch, or a hit that wins the game or even that out at home plate, their expression of achievement makes it all worth it. I'm even proud of them when the game doesn't go the way they want, because they never give up, they never say it can't happen and at the end of that lost game they pat eachother on the back. As you can tell I'm proud of my kids, I'm proud of their grades (one's a 4.0 and the other is a 3.75) , the way they treat others, and I look forward to what the future brings for them.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Great Scot Productions

My friend Hawk has just opened his store on Cafe Press. He sells a variety of items including magnets, post cards, greeting cards, t-shirts (men, women and jr's), baby onesies and even men's boxers. Every piece showcases his artwork.

I first met Hawk on, then later had the pleasure of meeting him at the FaerieWorlds Festival. He used to be an animator for childrens educational games, but has since been dedicating himself to his artwork. He uses various mediums and in my opinion has mastered them all. He's a pleasure to be around, bringing smiles and laughter to all that encounter him. I'm excited for his new venture on Cafe Press and confident that he'll succeed in any venture he chooses.