Monday, June 15, 2009

It turned out to be a beautiful day...

This last Saturday was the boys' graduation party and when I woke up at 6:30 was raining. Not a good thing when your party is outdoors at the park, but low and behold it turned out to be a beautiful day! The boys' shared their party with a graduating friend which worked great...what I didn't think of the other mom did and visa went off without a hitch and everyone had fun. All of the boys ended up going over to the little league field to have a home run derby...I should've taken pictures because no one could tell me who won...each kid I talked to said they won....but of course!

A gorgeous day to gather for a celebration!

Not a real good angle of the cake, but it turned out pretty good :)

The 3 graduates arguing over who was going to get the cap decoration.
I think Chris ended up with I have no clue!

The boys were recently invited to play on a wood bat summer ball team. The league is filled with collegiate and semi-pro should be fun, if nothing else they'll learn a lot I'm sure! Some of the games will even be played at their college field too, so we have a lot to look forward to within the next few months. I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer with my kids before they head off to college!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Milestone

Well I guess you can say there's been a couple of milestones both reached and approaching.

First, my boys graduated high school on the 6th. It was a bittersweet occasion but most of all a joyous moment in time. I know that whatever path they choose in life they will be successful in their own rights. I just love my boys and wish them all the happiness the world has to offer. Okay gotta move on before the tears start to fall again!

The second milestone that's approaching is....I'm about to reach 400 sales on Etsy!!! Woohoo!! I'm just 2 sales away and completely ecstatic! In just over 9 months I will have 300 sales....holy cow! You'll have to excuse all of the exclamation marks but I really am excited about it :) In a market where the jewelry competition is quite fierce, I am thankful and so very appreciative for each and every one of my sales.

My first year was such a struggle (just barely reaching 100 sales), trying to find my niche, and trying to stifle those feelings of wanting to throw in the towel. I don't know why I didn't...but I'm grateful now that I found the strength and the ability to hang in there. It definitely helped having the support of not just my friends and family but fellow Etsians as well!

Here's a little shout out to my bestest Kweenie Toni of ToniDesigns! I will forever be thankful we found each other on Etsy! You have been my pillar of strength on so many occasions and I love our short novel conversations! You're the best and I just love you girl! Kweenie Karma activate!!! LOL :)

To my little Etsy sis...Debora of Beadinbythesea! You can always use me as a sounding board :) Thank you for your support and for the lovely ring that I have yet to take off of my finger. I wish you continued success on Etsy!!

Now I'm off to make a little something for my 400th customer!! Weeeeee