Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mercury's Retrograde

I don't know about you, but this is always a time that I'm keenly aware and closely keep track of. My friend and I actually kind of keep track of things that go all haywire so we can laugh about it later, because it sure doesn't seem funny at the time!

Normally this is a time when communications, electronics and so much more go all fubar on you. I've noticed that it tends to start somewhere around 3 days prior to Mercury going retrograde. So far, so good for me, but my friend has been hit hard. First her son's laptop fried, then her brand new (and very expensive) espresso maker, which was a Christmas gift quit working, and her new car won't start anymore. We went out for coffee last night....and normally when we talk...we jump tracks (subjects) and are always able to keep up with what the other is saying, ohhh not last night. I can't tell you how many times we looked at eachother with dumbfounded looks on our faces then asked WTH are you talking about?? LOL We just couldn't talk to eachother and still couldn't today, frustrating but we definitely find humor in it....we just blame it on Mercury going retrograde :)

This is also a time when you don't want to sign any contracts or make any commitments or big purchases, they won't work out or bring you the satisfaction or pleasure that you thought it would. So as I was about to purchase a 4 in 1 printer today (which I don't necessarily need, I just really, really want it) I decided I will wait....just to be safe.

So I'm just going to take this time to refine some designs, review my plans for the year and really just wait for Mercury to go direct!

Even if you don't believe in this kind of stuff....just for the heck of it, try to pay closer attention or be more aware of what goes on, and you just may see for yourself the kind of wacky stuff that happens during this particular planetary movement.


Gypsy Trader said...

Oh my Goddess this mercury retro has hit me hard. Usually I sail through and hit a few roadbumps, NOT this one. I'll be suprised if this comment actually finds its way through the web. I'm gonna go crawl under a rock and come out when this is over. LOL !

SHI said...

I was really expecting to be hit hard by it too as it's in my sign (Aquarius), but I haven't really had anything too bad other than communication problems. I think I'll join you under that rock...don't be surprised if Lori beats us there LOL!

Celestite said...

My computer can misbehave without any help from Mercury, so I hardly notice. But I tend to get my foot in my mouth.
I think I'll sit still and shut up.