Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreams, Festivals and Costumes last night was pretty rough, sleeping wise. I only got around 2 hours of sleep total...uugghh! BUT during an hour of it (the other hour was broken up between 2 and 5:30am) I dreamt of Ravens. It was beautiful...a whirlwind of events leading through a forest and ending near a golden stream. The Ravens gathered all around the stream, as if they were telling me to jump in, so I did. I landed in an open field with a vineyard to the south of me. I knew exactly where I was...I was at Secret House Winery, home of the FaerieWorlds Festival. I was dressed in all black, I had on fringed suede boots (so 80's but hey it's back in style), a lovely flowing black top, wings, and I had Raven feathers strung throughout my hair. I walked by a pool of water and I had the most beautiful tribal Raven painting on my face! I shot straightup out of bed, looked at the clock (it was 6:30am), then drew out the design. I'm by no means an artist, so I won't be sharing the drawing, but I was sure to write down all of the details of my outfit.

Just the other day I was asking myself what I was going to wear during this festival event. Well I definitely think I've found it! I'm so excited, I can still feel my wings and the way the clothing felt against my skin! I can't wait!!

This will be my 6th year attending this fest, so if you're going to be in Oregon, specifically Eugene during July 31st - Aug 2nd, stop on by, you won't be sorry! Be sure to bring your camera :)

Here's the link to Faerieworlds if you're interested:

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interesting dream