Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a day....

First I forgot to set me alarm...grrr.....but I got out of my house at a decent time *phew* to the top of the Lewis and Clark bridge (pictured) and what do you know...traffic is at a complete standstill :( So I called into work just to let them know that I'd be late...not a real big deal. Then I got to work, there were a pile of papers....obituaries and sympathy many people passed away this weekend, it was so sad. I work in a very small office and these people aren't just a number or someone that you see from time to time...we know everything about each one of them including their families and sometimes extended families. When they hurt we hurt, when they're happy we're happy for them...and to lose one of them is heartbreaking...but to lose 4 in one was devastating.

One older gentleman...he was eccentric, he had no family...we were his family, he wasn't homeless or penniless...but he ate breakfast and lunch with us everyday, he didn't have a we took him to all of his appointments...unless it was nice enough for him to walk (which he did a lot...even if he wasn't suppose he could be stubborn), he remembered what we all liked to eat and brought us our favorites, where we lived and grew up and he'd always let us know what was happening in those areas of the world. He had a sharp mind, and a kind heart.....we loved him and I can't express just how much he will be missed.

It was a tough day indeed, we went through a lot of kleenex and the empty space where he used to sit will now have a live tree and a plaque with a picture in memory of our dear friend...we think he'd like that.

Tomorrow is a new day, the pain will still be there, but as always life has to go on...but we will never forget this man who touched all of our lives so deeply.

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