Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to work...

Well today was my last day of vacation :( Not that we went on vacation...well we did spend the day in Astoria and Seaside, but we didn't really take an actual vacation. I used the time to get my kids ready for school, take some down time for myself and start on my Fall cleaning. I did enjoy myself and hate to see it end...hehe...who doesn't huh?

I sent off the package for my 100th sale today!! I included a pair of Grace earrings adorned with Labradorite gemstones, 2 packages (1 to share...or just keep for herself) of Passion flavored Tazo Tea (my favorite!), and a 20% off coupon for future purchases. I hope she enjoys her extra goodies.

Speaking of Tazo...I love their tea! Passion of course is my favorite because of all the herbs in it, Hibiscus flowers, orange peel, cinnamon, licorice, rose hips, lemon grass and red poppy just to name a few....it really is a nummy combination. My favorite way to drink it is iced...it has a very cool, fruity, and perky taste and it's caffeine free. Be sure to check out their site, it's like going on an archaeological dig, and if you click on the "Social Responsibility" tab you'll see everything that they do for the economies and countries that grow and harvest their tea. It's interesting so be sure to check it out. Before you leave get your tea leaves read!


CB said...

My hubby also went back to work, after having a four day weekend. Now he gets to work three hours extra too, overtime pay is good, but can be lonely too. ;)

Good luck with going back to work and burning up your creativeness! :)

SHI said...

Thanks CB...it was a sad day (writing about it in todays post), but it was nice seeing everyone again after 5 days :)

About the overtime...the extra money is always great...it's the loneliness that got to me...I guess that's where our crafts come in handy ;)