Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well....after much thought I've made the leap to list on . I've only listed one pendant there so far but should be listing more as I get more familiar with the site and more products made. The pendant that I have listed there is a pendant that I also sell on Etsy, but I have 5 of them already made, so all is okay if I sell either one of them. It's a pretty cool site, and not to take away from Etsy but I really like that it focuses on an Eco-friendly environment. So check it out and stop by My Store there too!
I did a screen shot of the front page and my pendant was featured on it (though I think they do that for all new listings), I thought it was pretty cool that it was on the front page, unlike Etsy. Really in order to get on the front page on Etsy you have to be featured in a treasury that catches the eye one of the Etsy admins.
I'll keep you posted on how it works out.....Ohh I forgot to mention that it costs .25 cents to list or you can get a sponsor and it's free, 5 free photos and...this is the big can decide how much you want to pay ShopHandmade when your item sells...and that fee is anywhere from 0-100% of your sale cost. All I can say for that is WOW! No, I didn't choose 0% I chose 1%. You're probably asking why give them anything if you don't have to?? Well, because they are donation based, so to keep running they need donations so there's my answer plus I really like what they stand for and how they advertise...1% is nothing!


Beth Alexander said...

This is encouraging. I've been thinking about listing there myself. You have motivated take action and do it. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with

Happy selling.

SHI said...

Hi Beth! ShopHandmades site looks really good and they do a ton of advertising. I can't hurt to list a few things there. By the way your jewelry is gorgeous!

Best Wishes to you..and you'll have to let me know how you fair there as well :)

Annie said...

gHi Beth, just learned about shophandmade today and appreciate you you use pay pal?
haven't had a moment to think about shipping/returns etc. I make various gift items: personalized beaded baby spoons, beeswax candles and one-of-a-kind note special orders mostly. would love your input! Annie (Annie's Cottage)

SHI said...

Hi Annie,

I do use paypal there as well. I also charge the same shipping costs as I do on Etsy. I only have a couple of items listed there and will list more there this evening. I'll check your shop out and send you a message there. I haven't tried that yet and if it doesn't work I'll just add another comment here on my blog :)


Melisa J said...

I listed items over the weekend with this site. I have my fingers crossed that it will grow to be a super site and we will have two awesome places to sell our work.