Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing new today

I spent my whole day at a seminar for my day job, so I didn't get to post anything new in my store nor retake photos :( It feels like a day least as far as my jewelry is concerned.

The seminar though was very helpful, and the diversity of knowledge among the attendees was not a total loss for the day. I did get lost on my way there this morning...I do not know my way around Portland, Oregon at all...and this little street was quite hidden. I even called my boss so she could look up MapQuest to see what it said...and she couldn't make heads or tales of it and she's from Portland! I had programmed the address into my Magellan, but she ( I say she because of her voice) was having me exit in an area that I was familiar with and knew to be wrong...dang her!! That's not the first time Ms. Magellan has steered me wrong. One time when I took the boys to Eastern Washington for baseball I was looking for a I followed her directions and where she took me was a mini mall with no gas stations....nice! She's a sneaky thing...and I just don't think I can trust her too much ;)

Well it's only 7pm, but I'm off to bed...I'm just wiped....hmmm...must be getting old LOL

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