Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fundraiser and other news

I was recently asked to donate some items for a fundraiser for a local no kill shelter. It's a community event to raise funds for the shelter and to help other businesses get their name out there in this down economy. All profits will go to CHS to take care of their “furry kids” and also assist them in providing low cost foods/vaccinations/product/spay and neuter to the surrounding communities. Of course because I've adopted pets from there in the past I'm more than happy to help out.

So far I have 5 necklaces made and will hopefully have about 5 more done by tomorrow, then get everything packaged and delivered on Thursday. If I have some extra time I'll get some earrings made as well.

If you'd like to see some totally cute and adorable animals you can visit their site at http://columbiahumane.org/

In other news....my laptop is still dead and at the pc doctors as we speak...I miss it terribly! It looks like they're going to have to wipe my system clean.....Uuuggghhh! Why do I purchase virus protection if it's not going to protect?

Let's see...what else? The weather has been beautiful...perfect for baseball games :) The boys had a game in Astoria last weekend. We went to Seaside afterwards and walked the beach then on our way home stopped and took pictures of the sea lions on the docks. It was nice being able to get away from home to enjoy the sand and sea breeze. So I leave you with some pictures of the beach...

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