Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eek...New Printer

Well I finally broke down and bought myself a new printer...I didn't want to, but my old one is on it's last leg. So after some research and talking with some people...everyone said to get a Kodak, even the gal at Office Max said to get it. I was a bit surprised that she had said that because she would lose a sale, but she said they don't carry Kodak products and it was better than the HP and others that I was interested in there. I ordered the ESP 9 All-in-One through Kodak, and I'm sure it'll take me forever to learn how to work it because I am so not a techie kind of girl ;)
I'm thinking it will take care of everything that I need it to do for my business and hopefully brew me a cup of coffee too...hehe!

I also just received my order of PMC today so I'll be busy tonight making some new pieces...Yay! I'll be sure to share all of my new creations with you and hopefully I'll have some listed in my shop before the weeks out. The boys have baseball games for the next 3 days so it may not be until the weekend before they get listed....I'll keep you posted!

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Beadin By The Sea said...

Oh, congratulations, that looks like quite a machine! I have to say I love my Epson all in one. It's a few years old and I'll be sad when I have to replace it mostly because I know how it works. It doesn't make coffee, too bad ;(