Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well, I've listed a couple more pendants to the link above. It's been a slow going process, and I just haven't been really motivated to make more jewelry...what is wrong with me?! I have all of these ideas/designs in my head but today I just couldn't sit down and work with anything. So, I've written my ideas down and hopefully tomorrow my head will be in a better place to start creating some new designs.

Here's a couple pics of my "new" Spiral Collection...I tossed around a few titles...Around the World In A Day...Orbit...and many others, but none of them really clicked. I just wanted the name to be a description of the design. I normally have the easiest time with names...but for some reason this was not one of those times. I've had these pendants made since Saturday...and I finally settled on Spiral last night. It really is a sweet and simple design...I love how quickly they can be interchanged to match anything you wear.

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