Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a custom request last week for some tiny hoops similar to the one's I already carry just alot smaller. I wasn't really sure if she would like them because they were so small, but she was extremely happy and she thought how great they would be for her second hole piercings. She ran to the bathroom and put them on...ohh how I wish I had my camera...she already had my larger hoops in her first holes then put the Mini's in the second...ooo so cute! Really they turned out to be the perfect size for that second hole. So I decided to go ahead and make some for my store. I've also added small gemstones to them. I've made myself a few of them, and she was right they are perfect for those upper piercings...I don't have to worry about a clasp or anything...and they're so comfortable. My customer also pointed out how great they would be for a younger child.

I've sold a couple of the wire wrapped stones on my other blog, and I've received some custom requests for the same style just different stones. So I've been pleased with the results from having that page.

Other than that I haven't been up to much. I need to post the astrological signs that I posted about earlier, but I haven't had the time yet. I'll be sure to get that done as soon as I can though.
Things will be changing soon with my job so I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be like. Right now I feel like I'm a yo-yo, I'm being switched back and forth from day shift to late shift and it's oh so messing with my sleep. Though I'm a night owl at heart, when I work the late shift I tend to go to bed at 3am and I'm up by 10am. Then the next day I'll work a day shift so I need to be to bed by 12:30 and I have to be up by 7am...though it's close to the same amount of sleep....going to sleep at 12:30 is nearly impossible *sigh* With my new job duties I'm wondering if I'll be able to pick my own schedule....I can only hope!

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