Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay...I finally made....

Something other than earrings! Well okay, I'll be honest...the heart charm started out as a pair of earrings but I didn't like how one of them turned have a necklace. These are a pretty almost steel colored pearls with a hint of lilac. I've strung the heart and pearls on an 18" sterling silver curved link chain with a lobster claw clasp. If your interested this will be available in my Etsy Store Tuesday afternoon. I just thought I would post something different than earrings tonight.

I've been spending entirely too much time on the internet. I'm in need of some beauty sleep, and my house has been neglected. Between, etsy, blogging,, talentdatabase, flickr, indiepublic and etsylove, I'm worn out. One thing that I won't get tired of is making new pieces, and between all of the self advertising I'm also coming up with new ideas for new pieces.

This is the face of Raven my Great Dane, who at the moment is feeling neglected as well, so I'm off to give her alot of love before she paws me to death or mushes me while I sleep. I never thought that a King bed would be too small....but she is a bed hog! Ohh and just so you know, I have two Danes....Kula sleeps with Brandon because there's not enough room on my bed with Raven :D One of these days I'll have to post pics of all the animals I have, two Danes, and 3 cats, I know, I must be crazy!

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