Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pictures say it all...

Isn't that the truth when your trying to sell your wares online. All the buyer has is your photos to refer to and if they don't look good, you may have just lost a sale. After months of fighting with the lighting, shells and sand, I've decided it's time for a change. I picked up some more cardstock for my origami gift boxes and business cards last night and decided to take some pictures of my jewelry with it. Voila...I took 4 photos and used those 4 pictures in an Etsy listing...all I had to do was crop it. I didn't have to adjust the contrast, focus or anything else. It was so nice. I then proceeded to take pictures of 2 other pairs of earrings...and again...first 4 pictures of each were great....sheesh what took me so long to figure this out?? So now comes the task of going through each of my listings and changing the pictures out. Tedious, repetitive work...but it needs to be done. Below are 2 of my newest listings in the Petite Line using the cardstock. Now I'm off to finish making jewelry for my coworkers.

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