Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Featured Etsy Jewelry Designer

I want to introduce a fellow Etsy Jewelry Designer and Artist. Her name is Toni and her store is ToniDesigns. I met Toni in the forums on Etsy, and I have admired her work since I became an Etsy member. We have become fast friends and I can't thank her enough for the support she has given me. Toni has graciously allowed me to ask her a few questions to post in my blog, you can read more about Toni and admire her beautiful jewels below. Be sure to check out her store to see all of the wonderful gems you can adorn yourself or a loved one with.

Shi: Hi Toni, thank you for doing this interview. Can you tell me and the other readers out there alittle bit about yourself and what led you to make jewelry?

Toni: My background is in theatre. Acting primarily. As an adult I briefly spent time writing spec scripts for television sitcoms. I tried my hand at Screenwriting and if I couldn't be designing jewelry that's what I'd like to be doing full time. In fact, I hope some day to be living near the Pacific Ocean which among other things, would make the logistics of pursuing a screenwriting career a whole lot easier. :-) Jewelry was a funny accident. I'd purchased a beaded ring while on vacation in a coastal town in Michigan. For years, everywhere I went, the glittering tiny, silver beads attracted admirers. It became my mission to find a way to make these rings for all of the nice women who'd admired mine. Like any artist, I came up with my own "improved" version of the ring and began selling them in boutiques around Chicago. But rings weren't enough, so I moved on to earrings, bracelets, necklaces, working with wire, metals, etc. I'm still experimenting and loving every moment.

Shi: Where do you get inspiration for your jewelry creations?

Toni: My inspiration comes from my absolute favorite things in the world: My two amazing sons, Gregory and Grant. The beautiful Pacific Ocean. My boyfriend, John. And of course, all of the beautiful women friends I have in my life. I love adorning them with my experiments. Every woman who purchases a piece from me, motivates me all over again.

Shi: Thank you again Toni for allowing me to feature you in my blog. You're jewelry is absolutely stunning and I wish you great success on Etsy!

Toni: My heartfelt thanks to Shi for featuring my work. Her creativity, her imagery and generous spirit are an inspiration to all. I look forward to each new piece she creates. I confess. I am... a Shi fan.

~It's the Holiday Season, say it with love and buy handmade. Buying handmade means your buying an item that was made from the heart, and you're supporting an artist who loves what they do.


Field Notes said...

NICE :-) I like the interview format. That is a great idea for featuring an artist!!!

I am up for an interview, can I interview you?

SHI said...

Sure! I'd love that...just let me know!