Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here's the Bracelet

This is the bracelet I was talking about in my earlier post. I seem to be able to get more of the color flashes when I use paper under them instead of the sand that I normally photograph my pieces on. I had a picture that showed flash in almost every stone but it was too blurry. So tomorrow I'll have to retake some pictures before I post it for sale on Etsy.
Well I've still got my cough but I at least feel like I'm among the living. My son's car is making alot of noise so it sounds like I'm going to be dumping alot of cash into getting that fixed :( It's so odd because he baby's his car and we pretty much call him "Driving Miss Daisy" because he drives soooo damn slow. My other son on the other hand is just like his grandfather and thinks he's Mario Andretti.....grrrr I'm seeing flashing lights, an expensive piece of paper and an after school job for him in the near
Have I mentioned that I have twin 16 year old boys??...Well I should say 16 going on 30 or maybe to be more accurate 16 going on 2. And they're Leo's to boot (I'm an Aquarius)....holy hanna...if you know anything about Astrology then you know that Leo's are Aquarius' polar opposites. The God's or Goddesses (whichever you choose) thought it would be pretty funny to put me...the only Aquarius and surround me with Leo' father and my needless to say my life is never boring...or uneventful because we always have something to argue about on a daily basis! *uughh* Even though I bitch about it or sometimes think it's unfair....secretly I cherish every moment I have with them. They're juniors in high school and college is just around the corner....and I'm getting a very small taste of the empty nest syndrome since they've gotten their drivers licenses...I can't imagine what it will be like the day when I won't hear them arguing as they come through the door...or see that shit eatin' grin they get when they're pushing my buttons...and the worst...when I walk by their rooms and see their empty beds. Makes me tear up every time I think about it......
Okay...enough of that...too depressing for me to talk about. So on that sad note, I'm going to head to bed...walk by their rooms...and take in every detail as I watch them sleep. ~Nite

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