Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Solstice!!

And what a wonderful Solstice it is! I just found out some wonderful news...a local boutique is going to carry my jewelry on consignment *does the happy dance* I'm so excited. The owner is wonderful...I love just chatting with her when I visit her store. I made her a Goddess pendant for a Solstice gift today and also made a gift for Lori (the Labradorite bracelet in an earlier post and Labradorite earrings). I had just recently started thinking about doing consignment, and her store was the first that came to mind, the vibe in her store is great, so tonight I emailed her and asked her, and she said YES!!

On another note...I did make a Goddess charm (talked about it in an earlier post). It was like I had a dream about them. I drew the design at my parents house, showed my dad, he tweeked it a looked so familiar and I was worried that it was something that I've seen before. I've searched and searched through thousands of pages looking for this design...and nothing. I showed my friend Lori tonight and she said she's never seen anything like it either. So now I'm really psyched and I'm going to copyright it before I make anything using the design. It's been hard to create any new jewelry because I've been "obsessed" with this charm. It's calling to be made into earrings...necklace...accent on a bracelet, so many things. I worry so much about putting them out before copyrighting them because of all the "copying" that goes on at Etsy and other venues...*sigh* On one hand you're honored that someone likes your piece so much they're copying it, on the other hand it hurts because it's "you're baby".

Anywhoey...well that's my fabulous news for the day! Happy Solstice...have a safe one!

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