Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Good Day

Today turned out to be a pretty good day! After a couple of weeks with slow sales, I woke up to a sale this morning followed by 5! What a way to start the day :) Even my day job was good, plus the weather was beautiful...sunshining with that crisp cold air. Then I had lunch with an old friend...she's a coworker from my previous job, and though we live in the same town we don't often get to spend time together.

After having lunch with my friend I realized that I really need to take the time and meet up with some of my old girlfriends whether it be over coffee, drinks or whatever. It was a breath of fresh air to break from the norm. Just reminiscing, talking about our kids and about our problems over a couple of Margaritas made all of life's problems seem to dissipate. It was lovely...and definitely a lot of fun!

I feel renewed, re-energized and look forward to what the rest of the week may hold. Who knew that these little happenings could make a world of difference?!


Gypsy Trader said...

Hi Shi, you bring up a good point that's been on my mind also, hooking up with girlfriends.... Wanna start a breakfast club, lol ?

beadinbythesea said...

Congratulations Shi. It always feels so great to break a "dry spell". There is just no way to predict sales on Etsy, I have my ups and downs too!

SHI said...

Lisa...LOL sounds good to me! Do you think we could lasso Lori into it too :) does feel good to break the dry spell :) Happy Birthday!