Sunday, October 12, 2008

The End

Well the end of Fall baseball anyways...and the last season my boys will be playing this league because this time next year they'll be in college. Hard to imagine...and I'm still adjusting to the thought of all the running around from game to game will be over. Who knows what their baseball fate will hold when it comes to college. The norm is that they will red shirt until their Junior year. Though they are aware of this, I hope it doesn't deflate their dreams of pursuing their love of this sport.

As far as I'm concerned I will be happy with whatever they choose to do with their lives. My only hope is that they end up working at a job that they love. Not many people are fortunate enough to do that...many of us work because we have to and are just thankful that we have the jobs that we do. With the economy the way it is...a lot of us don't have the luxury of choice when it comes to supporting ourselves or our families. I've got my fingers crossed that my children will have that luxury to choose to do what they love.

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