Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's 3:00 am...what am I still doing up??

I took a weeks hiatus from my day job and now it's nearing the end. It's my kids spring break and I thought what the heck...I'll take it off too :D The boys had baseball practice all week so we weren't able to go anywhere, but it's sure been nice doing things on my own schedule.

I've opened a jewelry supply shop on Etsy to try and destash my overwelming collection of baubles. I have another bead show coming up next weekend, if I'm able to make it, I should come back with some more treasures to take the place of the stones that I'm selling. Just what I need huh?? Well a girl can't have too many treasures or baubles now can they?

I've also started another blog to sell my Tree of Life pendants and possibly some other jewelry. I'll post the link when I've got everything up and running. I'm having problems getting the pics in there and adding a Paypal widget to it...but that's just because I'm just not computer savvy. I should have it figured out before the end of the weekend though.

I had my danes spayed this week...which is another reason that I took the time off. Did you know that they charge by weight....holy crow!! Well it was a wopping $500....ouch, but it needed to be done! Dogs in heat....nope....definately not my thing!!! When we got our first dane, I definately wanted to breed her...awww how cute will her puppies be, until I read all the work that goes into it, and the possibility of complications....the vet visits...yikes. I also noticed that Raven has a curveture of the spine that I didn't want to have passed down. I don't think it will cause any long term problems, but I can't guarantee it and it wasn't a chance I was willing to take with her or her puppies. So that's that...and now they can go back to being the couch hogs that they are.
I'm also really sad to say that I will have to find another home for my cat Nanni. We've had her for 5 years and within the last couple of years she totally terrorizes the other cats, so much so that they're afraid to eat or do anything if she's around. One cat is now so afraid that she won't even come upstairs. I don't really know what to do....she doesn't like to be picked up at all, she loves to be petted...but on her terms, she will sleep in your lap, again on her terms. AND if you even try to pick her up...claws are out and she's trying to find a way out. She doesn't like to go scares her...and when she's in the mood to be petted....she definately doesn't want you to stop. She's the size of a kitten, and definately has short mans disease :D All of these traits are exactly what I love about her...well other than the terrorizing part, but as you can tell, it's not going to be easy finding her a suitable home...and I can't bare the thought of what will happen if I can find her a home. Uuugghhh...I'm so sad. Well I have my fingers crossed that I will find someone who'll love her as much as I do....I'll keep you posted.

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