Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flikr and Advertising

Though I haven't added any new pics to Flikr I've been pretty fortunate to have some of my pieces included in 3rd party advertising. You'll have to bare with me on these photos as the whole "screen capture" thing is still fairly new to me.

My first free advertising adventure came from a request from Citibank. It was for a flyer that went out to their international agencies, and share holders. In both of the pictures, my jewelry is in the upper left hand corner. All of their employees that I conversed with by phone and email were professional, helpful and extremely nice.
Today I had a request from a writer on Now Public to add a picture of earrings (sorry they've been sold) for a story about an 850 Pound Emerald

The story's pretty interesting and granted I'm one of many photos within the story but you won't find me complaining :)

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