Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to this...

I'm back to making my handmade boxes for orders that are going out this next week. I ordered my kraft boxes back on the 15th and haven't heard hide nor hair of them since. I tried contacting Nile Corp today to no avail, so I sent them an email in hopes that I hear from them soon! It's frustrating when you think you've ordered your supplies in time to find that for some reason or another things get all snafu'd and don't go the way you had planned...such is life :)

Don't get me wrong...I love making these boxes because of that little extra touch of handmade. BUT, there's definitely something to be said when you've found a way of packaging your handmade goodies that represents both you and your business. It took me awhile to do just that, and I found it in all aspects including the design, natural colors and textures.

Who would've thought that I would be so concerned about packaging when I started this business? Let me tell you though, the packaging is like meeting someone for the first's all about making a good first impression. At least that's the way I look at it. Many would probably argue that they bought the product not the packaging....true....but just imagine how you would feel if you just spent your hard earned money on a spendy piece of jewelry only to have it come in an envelope wrapped in paper. That tells me that the seller doesn't care enough about their items to either protect it or present it well. Think of it (packaging) as just another way of marketing your business. You never know who may end up with it...word of mouth can be very lucrative :)

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