Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Let me just start off by saying...WOW! This concert...light show...whatever you want to call it absolutely blew me away! We drove up to Seattle today to watch their afternoon showing, it was worth the drive and the traffic to see them. Don't let the "Orchestra" part of the name scare you's definitely a rock concert!

The first half of the show is more of a Christmas story...though it's not even Thanksgiving yet it was still phenomenal. Now the second half was best of all with the light show, flames, pyrotechnics...everything was amazing!

The performers...musicians, vocalists...they were not only very talented at their specific jobs...but every single one of them were, I swear, out of a romance novel....the men were handsome and gorgeous and the women were stunning and beautiful!!!

If TSO comes to your city or one near yourself a favor and check them won't be sorry. My 17 year old, rap and hip hop loving boys said it rocked. Just so you know it was the only concert that I've ever been to that had people of all walks of life, genre and age attend....I was in awe at the gathering.

Only one of the pictures posted here are from me. The others are ones that I found on the web. The gentlemen with the guitar is Angus...his guitar riffs got everyone to their feet.

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