Monday, August 25, 2008

Updating Photos

I've not only been changing things in my life but I've been updating the look of my shop on Etsy. The first thing was finding a banner that was me, something feminine, inviting, earthy, and Goddess oriented. After testing a couple of banners that I purchased from some great graphic designers, it still didn't represent me the way that I wanted it to. So after literally spending hours making around 50 banners, running the gamut of colors, fonts, designs....I've finally found something that represents who I am. I couldn't imagine putting someone else through all of my wishywashiness....they probably would've refunded my money and ran as fast as they could...hehe. The banner on my blog is the same banner that I use in my Etsy store. I'm pleased with what I accomplished and it's actually rewarding to know that I made it myself.

Along with changing my banner and business cards to match, I wanted to change the background that I use for my photos for continuity, something rustic and earthy. What I had in mind was granite, but unfortunately none of the local home remodeling stores here or around my area sell small slabs of polished granite or natural stone *sigh*. BUT...what I did find was a great piece of wood that has a rustic texture of paint and works. And so far I've been completely happy with the pictures that I've taken using it. It's a slow process, updating all of my photos, but I should have them all updated by the end of the week.

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to work on some wire wrapping projects that I've had on the back burner for sometime now. Oooo and my dad picked up some great cabochons for me! I'll be sure to take a pic of them and post them here for everyone to see. So many ideas and so little time to create them, but eventually I'll get to them!

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