Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's fast approaching...

well at least my birthday is! I'll be 37 on Monday the 28th and for some reason I'm getting daily calls from my lovelies asking if I feel older...LOL wth! Nope not older at all...actually I love my birthdays and I've never had a problem with getting older. But I have ventured in to doing different things with my's currently black with midnight blue underneath! After 2 appointments and a total of 9 hours in an uncomfortable chair. Who knew dying my hair would take so long. First the blue turned out to be more of a teal color, which was a very pretty contrast with the black, but teal is just not my color. So on the second appointment we got it right and I even got some deep purples mixed in with the it! It'll be perfect for the FaerieWorlds Festival this summer :D Now I just have to figure out some outfits to's 3 days this year. I love the clothes from treehouse 28. Her clothes would be great for the fest!

The meditation/prayer beads are doing really well. I'm excited at how well they've been received on Etsy. I only have 2 left in my store, but I have a few custom orders in the works. I've met some really wonderful people as a result of these beads and I truly feel blessed!

Ohh and I wanted to tell Recycledideas thank you very much for your hint with the links on my photos! It's awesome! And I'm still loving Olive she's too adorable, and I may have to buy her for a birthday present to myself :D Ooo and her brother, he's sooo cute..jeez decisions decisions :D

I hope the New Year is treating everyone well...I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out so far and I look forward to what lies ahead. Time feels like it's flying by, so I'm gonna enjoy the ride!

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