Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Love My Danes!

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my danes. In an earlier post I put a picture of Raven, now it's time for Kula. Here she's all sprawled out on the couch. Though she's a year old, she still has such a puppy face and is so child like. I couldn't figure out why I've never had to clip her nails until I saw her chewing on them, she's just like my kids. She is so sweet though.

Here's a picture of Luna and Kula. Kula gets along with all of the cats...she just likes to chase them but she doesn't nip at them like Raven does. In this pic Luna is sneaking up on Kula.

Here's a picture of Raven and Kula together, they love to chase the light from a Laser Pointer. They are like cats in so many ways....and when they see the pointer come's on and the house is rumbling like we're having a major earthquake. The cats scatter. I don't blame them a bit, it hurts me to get stepped on by these two. But I so love these majestic animals!


Field Notes said...

My Newfie is catlike too; maybe it's a giant breed thing to act like that as youngsters? Mine's 18 months.

Abbey said...

I love your danes, they are gorgeous...hadnt thought of a laser pointer to keep mine