Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tough Day

It's been a tough day...I'm not sure if it's exhaustion catching up to me or what. I'm just feeling a little down, so I thought that I'd come here hoping that writing it, typing it (whatever you would like to call it) might help clear my head a bit. I haven't been sleeping well at all, I've been averaging about 3-4 hours a night and that's just not cutting it. On the brighter side, I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I mostly just have stocking stuffers left....yay! One of the gifts I got my mom is a digital picture frame. I've downloaded mostly pictures of the grandkids, but I've also added pics of the rest of the family. I hope she likes it!! Well the longer I sit here, the more tired I'm feeling so I think I'm going to go drink some chamomille and sit down with a good book and snuggle with Raven, I think that just might do the trick.

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