Monday, January 18, 2010

Liver of Sulfur

Well it's my first time using LOS (Liver of Sulfur - gel form) to patina my silver. I've always used the more eco-friendly egg way, but after reading that once the LOS solution is inactive, I can dilute it and use it to fertilize plants and grass...I decided to give it a try.

First I set out my plastic bowls and designated which bowl was for what by writing on them. If you notice I also wrote the little recipes so I wouldn't have to keep referring to the internet or search for the piece of paper that I wrote the "how to" down on....I'm always losing my notes :)

After cleaning all of my pieces using a warm soap bath, I created little baskets using plastic dixie cups to hold the metal pieces. I then punched holes in the bottom and the sides of the cups to allow the fluid to drain easily. Though I punched numerous holes, I did notice that it took longer to drain than I like so I'll be making some of those holes bigger.

Right now the silver pieces are in their neutralizing bath to soak for a few minutes and they have a perfectly uniform black patina to them. All in all this method is super easy and I'm glad I decided to give this a try!

**Added Note:

It didn't smell near as bad as the eggs do! LOL

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