Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Birthday Gift

Okay, so as you know my birthday is coming up and I've been on a Labradorite shopping spree for my Etsy Shop. If the funds are available I don't generally have a problem with splurging on stones or crystals for jewelry....but what happens when you find a stone that you know you won't be able to part with?

A tug-of-war is what happens

...should I...I shouldn't
...oh I I really shouldn't
...but I really want it....but you don't "need" it
...need it schmeed it!!

Yes, this is the exact conversation that I had with myself....and of course I won LOL...that's the wonderful thing about arguing with yourself--you always win :D

So here's my birthday splurge and I'm ohhhh so excited!!

It's such a lovely color and I've only seen this color in the veins (inclusions) of the stone never as the primary flash of color! As I wait for it's arrival I'll dream of the other stones to accent it with and smile and giggle uncontrollably at the thought of wearing it....*happy dance*

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad I gave you some uplifting music today! :) Gotta have that pocket full of sunshine always within our reach when we need it~