Thursday, April 8, 2010


The other day when I was home sick my son called.

B: "Mom?"

Me: "Yeah?" (groggy)

B: "Hold on a sec k?"

Me: "Sure" (sigh..I really don't feel well)

...this happens often when they call or I call them...I'm forever being put on hold! Next thing I hear are beautiful key notes from a piano. My son learned how to play a new song! He's completely self taught, using my ancient keyboard and YouTube...crazy but true. He's learned Beethoven and so many others. At his University he has access to a piano and it's obvious he's taking advantage of it's availability.

Well this one came as a shock as he's not a huge fan of the basis for this piece...but I think he did it for me :)

It's Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell. Yes...I'm a Twilight Saga fan..*ducks for cover*..not of the movies but the books (I don't think I'll ever get over how horrible the portrayal of Bella was in the movie Twilight...but that's just my opinion). Before you feel like hucking a large object at me, at least let me tell you why I like the Twilight's not because of the Vampires or the's because of the love story that's enfolded in the drama. I am a romantic through and through...I love "Love" on all levels, especially in a written story.  Though the movies are gradually getting better they don't compare to the books...but I haven't really found a lot of movies that can compare to their written counterparts.

Okay so explanation aside, this really is a lovely piece and after scouring YouTube I found one that wasn't bombarded with scenes of the movie but was just a pianist (not Carter Burwell and it's shorter than the version my son played for me). There seems to be a bit of debate over which is the true "Bella's Lullaby" -- this piece written by Carter Burwell or River Flows In You by Yiruma...both are beautiful but Burwell's rendition is it for me...that could be because my son played it for me when I seemed to need it most -- I love you B it was so worth being placed on hold :D

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