Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rings and Ritual

Here's another fine silver ring! I really struggled with a name to call them. I've made one for my friend, so a Friendship Knot. I've made 2 for my son to give to his girlfriend as both Forget Me Knot and Love Me Knot rings. So as of right now in light of Valentine's Day they are called Love Me Knot rings, but the title may change as I don't want them to be perceived as just a holiday gift.

Imbolc is upon us, and I haven't decided how I will celebrate this Sabbat. I had planned on making some candles (in honor of Brighid) but I'm finding that my time is very limited to do so between my day job, and my personal business. I think I'll make some bread with seeds to symbolize growth, it'll have to be in my breadmaker as my time is restricted but the intent is the same and I have plenty of cheese to enjoy with the bread :) I may plant some little seedlings to represent my hopes and dreams for the coming summer months. Hmm...I think I've just decided on how I will celebrate Imbolc....Yay!

Ohh and another celebration........Mercury is direct......FINALLY!! *Happy Dance*


Beadin By The Sea said...

What a sweet idea for a ring! Very clever, SHI! Your photo is gorgeous too, do you take them outdoors or a lightbox?

SHI said...

Thank you! Last year I used a light box, then I took them outdoors, now I take them inside the house in front of my sliding glass doors :)