Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Post Before Bed

It's been a few days since I posted anything so I thought I would before I head to bed.

Let's see, February has been a fabulous month so far especially for sales. Over all it's been amazing really, it took me 1 year to reach 100 sales (Sept. 2008), and just 5 1/2 months to make an additional 166 sales. It's been a crazy fun ride that's taught me that organization is a must!! I'm not even a top seller on Etsy...I have no idea how the top sellers do it. I often wonder if they have another job outside of Etsy...a family...and really just how they balance it all.

Aside from my business, the boys are doing great. They just received their acceptance letters to Pacific University....yes it's the expensive private college that I've mentioned before. It's funny because while my kids were filling out applications to various college's they said, "Mom, if I'm going to be $100,000 in debt from my college education I'd rather it be from a college that I want to go to!" I have to admit that I agree, though I hope they don't end up that far in debt! This weekend they attended Pace Setters at the's a scholarship competition. The least they will receive is $4000 and the most is a full ride....I have my fingers crossed! They really like the school so far after the various visits and they've had a chance to spend some time with the baseball coaches...they're really looking forward to being part of their team. As their mom, I'm afraid of the debt, I'm excited for their new adventure with this next step in life and I really hope that they get all that they want and more!

This weekend is my best friends birthday so we're going for an all girls weekend with lots of fun and frolicking on the beach....I can't wait!! I think we're going to do some wine tasting, and we're going to attempt blowing our own glass balls....there's so much to do. I think most of all we're going to relax and enjoy the time together before she moves away :( We won't talk about that always brings tears to my eyes to even think about it!

Well I'm off to bed...the morning comes to fast anymore and I am in dire need of some beauty sleep! I'll post pictures of our trip to the beach when I get back.


Beadin By The Sea said...

Hi Shi,
Congratulations on all your sales. I'm still in my first year so I hope I experience the same growth you've enjoyed. The photos of your beautiful jewelry are lovely as well as your descriptions. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. Have a fun weekend with the girls, you deserve a break!

SHI said...

Hi Debora, Thank you so much for the compliments! Your jewelry is beautiful and you're already doing amazing on Etsy, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you surpassed me :)

Take care sweetie and I'll talk to you soon!