Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I've been up to...

I've been away for awhile working on custom orders, spending time with my kids, working and getting ready for the FaerieWorlds Festival!! My best friend will be arriving in town this weekend and I'm seeing a lot of fun to be had here shortly.

I've been busy working on my outfits for the fest, revamping, repurposing clothing, making jewelry for each day as well as feather facinators. I've included some pics of the facinators:

This is for Friday's outfit, I'll be in mostly black with silk rainbow colored wings and other bright colored accessories.

I made 2 of the rose facinators for Saturday which I'll be in more of a steampunk victorian style outfit
I'll post the earrings I made for these 2 days later...I'm still working on my Sunday's outfit and all the accessories...I'm just having a blast and feeling the creative juices flow knowing there's no limitations!!

With everything that's going on -- here are the dates that I will be closing my Etsy shop:

~~**Shop Closure Dates**~~

July 23rd - Aug 4th (FaerieWorlds Festival, Eugene, OR)
Aug. 20th - 22nd (Kids College Move-In)
Aug. 27th - 29th (Kids College Move-In)

Dates are subject to change due to the amount of custom orders that I have...but I'll keep you posted!

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