Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Necklace

I've finally listed a new necklace for my Etsy shop. This new line is called Knotty Girl Necklaces, based on a wood grain design using Precious Metal Clay. I'm hoping to get some Knotty Boy necklaces made and listed soon as well, but I think they may wait until I'm done with my other commissions and back from FaerieWorlds.

I have some more necklaces that I will be listing tomorrow....again hopefully, these are one's that I've already made and I just need to take the time to photograph them and write up a description.

I've had all of these ideas as of late that I haven't taken the time to sketch out either and I really need to do that before I lose memory isn't what it used to be! Well all I'm off to work on my commissions, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Field Notes said...

Oooh - very pretty!

I also am loving your blog background. Th colors and design are fantastic! I should stop by more often.

SHI said...

Aww...thank you! Thanks for stopping are your furried loved ones?